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Skyvia offers you powerful online tools for Salesforce integration, that allows integrating Salesforce data with cloud and on-premise applications without installing any software locally and without writing a line of code.

Skyvia provides several predefined wizards for different Salesforce integration scenarios. Import and Export wizards allow loading data to and from Salesforce. They provide powerful Salesforce data loader functionality and offer a number of benefits over other Salesforce data loader tools. Replication wizard allows you to create a copy of Salesforce data in a relational database, and keep its data regularly updated. Synchronization wizard allows you to configure bi-directional data synchronization between Salesforce and other cloud CRM or a relational database, and keep them synchronized.

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Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce integration with other applications is necessary for many businesses, and can be a key aspect of its success. Having all the data sources integrated allows you to see all the information and make better decisions faster.

Skyvia can be a perfect solution for integrating your business data stored in Salesforce with other data sources. If you just started using Salesforce, use Skyvia Import to load your data to Salesforce. If you want to migrate your data to or from Salesforce and need to maintain data in both of your data sources, configure and schedule synchronization of your data, and Skyvia will keep them in sync automatically.

Since Skyvia is a no-software solution (SaaS), and it allows configuring an operation once and then schedule it for regular automatic execution, it's very easy to integrate in your business processes, and enjoy seamless Salesforce integration with other applications.

Import to Salesforce

Salesforce import

Skyvia provides powerful online Salesforce data loader tools for Salesforce with powerful import capabilities. It allows you to import existing data from other cloud CRMs, relational databases, and CSV files to Salesforce, or, if necessary, even from Salesforce to Salesforce.

Migration from Salesforce

Salesforce Migration

Skyvia import can also be used for importing Salesforce data to other sources - such as other cloud CRMs and relational databases. Skyvia import suits perfectly for migrating data from Salesforce to other platforms.

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Salesforce Data Synchronization

Salesforce synchronization

With Skyvia you can set up bi-directional data synchronization between Salesforce and other cloud CRMs or relational databases. Skyvia supports incremental updates, synchronizing data with different structure, etc.

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Data Splitting

Data splitting

Skyvia suports data splitting - loading data from a single table or CSV file to multiple related Salesforce objects. automatically. You may read our tutorial on Data Splitting here.

Loading Files/Tables with Related Data

Preserving relations

Skyvia allows you to load data from several source CSV files/database tables to several related Salesforce objects, and it builds the corresponding relations between the result Salesforce objects automatically.

Powerful Mapping with Expressions

Mapping with expressions

Skyvia offers you highly configurable mapping for target fields. In addition to column-to-column mapping Skyvia allows using lookups and powerful string and mathematical expressions.

Salesforce Data Replication

Salesforce data replication

Skyvia Salesforce data replication tool allows you to easily replicate Salesforce data to a relational database - SQL Server, MySQL, or PostgreSQL and to schedule replication for periodic execution to keep your relational database always up-to-date.

When performing replication the first time Skyvia automatically creates database tables with structure corresponding to the replicated Salesforce objects and copies Salesforce data to them. After this you may use Incremental updates feature and synchronize only the data that was updated/added/deleted since the last replication.

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Salesforce Data Export

Salesforce data export

Salesforce data can be exported to CSV files either downloadable to your computer or stored to FTP/SFTP or such cloud file storage services as Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive. With Skyvia Export you can backup your Salesforce data to CSV files and then easily restore your data with Skyvia Import. Export operation can be performed on a specified timeframe for further automating your business processes.

If you need to export only specific records, you can use powerful filtering settings to export only the records you need.

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Scheduling Packages

Scheduling packages

Skyvia offers powerful scheduling settings which allow you to specify any kind of schedule. For example, you may run your package every 10 minutes during a specified interval on Mondays and Tuesdays, or run your package every third Wednesday of a month.