Dependencies Between Objects — New Feature Added to Skyvia New

September 19, 2019

Skyvia Team

We would like to announce that we have added DEPENDENCIES feature on the OBJECTS page in Skyvia New. This feature will help you to track dependencies between objects. You can easily find out which connections and agents are important for you and have relevant dependent objects, and which are out-of-use and can be deleted from your list not affecting the work of all your integrations.

To try our new feature, go to the OBJECTS page. Hover over the specific Connection or Agent to see quick action buttons. By clicking the View Dependencies button, you apply filter settings to dependent objects.

Viewing Object Dependencies

When you apply filter settings, you see the Show dependencies for box in the toolbar. Dependent objects are listed below. The more objects you have created with a certain connection, the larger list you will have.

Filtering Applied

We also would like to draw your attention to different levels of dependencies between objects in Skyvia New. Clients can notice that, for example, connections in the system may depend on agents, meantime packages, endpoints, backups and queries depend on connections. You can easily check it yourself on the website by opening a page with the agent or connection you use frequently and viewing its dependent objects.

Viewing Objects Dependent on Connection

On the Connection page, click the View Dependencies button to open the list. Select the object (for example, import package) you want to switch to. You can edit or delete the package if necessary. However, you cannot delete the connection or agent from your list without removing dependent objects first.

If you want to manage related objects or organize objects into folders, click the View on Objects Page button at the bottom of the Dependencies list and switch to the OBJECTS page with different view options.

List of Objects Dependent on Connection

We hope you will enjoy our new functionality as we try our best to deliver first-class services for each our client.

Let us know your opinion about our new feature. We welcome any your feedback!


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