New Returning Feature and More Connectors in Skyvia

December 18, 2020

Skyvia Team

We are glad to inform our users about the new Skyvia features: Returning feature in Data Import and a number of new connectors.


This feature allows obtaining IDs or any other fields from records inserted by the import and assigning them back to the corresponding source records. It can be very useful if you want, for example, to import records from a database to Salesforce and store Salesforce IDs of the imported records in the source database. You may also need to import Salesforce records to some other source and store target IDs in a Salesforce External ID field.

This feature is not limited to Id/primary key values. It allows using any target columns in mapping, as well as constants, expressions, or relation mapping. Thus, you may use the Returning feature, for example, to mark successfully inserted source records with some constant values.

Returning Requirements

The new Returning feature is available only in the Import packages using the new data integration engine. You should select the Use New Runtime check box in your package to use it. Besides, it must be a package, importing data from a cloud app or database, and the source object must support updates.

Use New Runtime check box in an Import package

This feature also returns values only for records that are created in the target. Thus, it is available only for the insert and upsert operations.

How to Use Returning

If your package meets the requirements above, you will see the Use returning check box in the mapping settings. You should select it to make the Returning settings available. In the Returning settings, you configure mapping for source columns as usually, and this mapping will be applied when updating source records for successfully created target records.

Returning settings

New Connectors

With the new Skyvia connectors you will be able to quickly integrate, manage, and share data of the following cloud applications:

  • Constant Contact - an easy-to-use email marketing service, which helps to create effective email marketing and other online marketing campaigns to meet customers' business goals.
  • Acuity Scheduling - an online appointment scheduling software, where clients can schedule appointments, pay, and complete intake forms online 24/7.
  • Timely - a fully automatic time tracking tool available for individuals and companies that records your activity and time spent in different work apps, as well as helps track everything your team works on with minimal efforts.
  • Drip - a marketing automation platform built for e-commerce that helps you gather data, create better customer experiences, bump up long-term loyalty and drive more revenue.
  • Facebook Ads - a service promoting customer products, services, websites, etc. from Facebook.

Note that new connectors are only available in the new data integration engine, and they are not supported in the backup product.

As always, you are welcome to try our new feature and leave your feedback! We appreciate your support and help in improvements of our products.


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