Meet New Backup Feature — Autocleaning of Snapshots

September 15, 2020

Skyvia Team

Great news for our backup users – autocleaning of snapshots has been released! We expect you to benefit greatly from this update and back up your data safely and easily not worrying about the storage space limit. Meeting customers’ needs has always been and will always remain a top priority for Skyvia team.

Please note that this feature is available for the pricing plans starting from Backup Standard.

Snapshot Deleting Algorithm

The Backup autoclean functionality allows users to store a certain number of fresh snapshots in accordance with storage limits of their subscription plans. When the autocleaning mode is on, once every 24 hours Skyvia launches automatic deletion of snapshots starting from the oldest ones (i.e. cleaning of snapshots older than 2 weeks). The autocleaning lasts until enough storage space is cleared not to exceed the subscription limit. When deleting snapshots, Skyvia stores at least one successful snapshot of a backup. For example, if your last snapshot failed or was canceled, the previous successful snapshot will be saved.

Backup Autoclean: Where to Find and Activate

The Backup autoclean functionality can be activated on the Subscriptions tab of your Account page. For this, click the Storage details link in the Backup subscription plan and turn on the Autoclean toggle in the opened Storage Manager window.

Autoclean toggle

When the autocleaning mode is on for the first time, Skyvia selects all backups from the list automatically (check boxes next to all backups will be selected). If you want to disable autocleaning mode for specific backups, clear check boxes next to them.

List of backups

The Storage Manager window also shows information on the total size of free and used storage space of the subscription and how much space each backup consumes. More information about the new feature can be found in the Skyvia documentation — Managing Backup Storage Space and Subscription Limits and Plans topics.

Try our new functionality and send us your feedback! We appreciate your support and help in improvements of our products.


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