New Connectors Supported in Skyvia — Chargify and Onfleet

April 28, 2022

Skyvia Team

Skyvia has released the two newly supported connectors — Chargify and Onfleet. Now, you can integrate new connectors with other data sources, query them, and publish their data via OData or SQL endpoints.

Briefly about Supported Connectors:

  • Chargify — subscription management software for B2B SaaS. The software is built for the evolving needs of fast-growth companies.
  • Onfleet — a last-mile delivery management SaaS platform. It helps businesses manage local deliveries (seamlessly optimize routes, dispatch, track drivers, notify recipients, etc).

Whenever you have use cases related to Chargify or Onfleet, try them with our new connectors! In case you have any technical questions, you can contact our technical support team.


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