New File Storages

June 27, 2017

Skyvia Team

Devart is proud to release the latest version of Skyviauniversal cloud platform for data integration, backup, and management.

Amazon S3 and Azure File Storage Support

Now Skyvia supports file storage services from the most popular cloud service providers: Amazon S3 and Azure File Storage. You can import CSV files from these storage services to cloud applications and databases or export cloud and database data to CSV files, uploaded to these services.

Magento 2 and FreshBooks Alpha API Support

We are glad to announce support for the second version of Magento e-commerce platform. Now our users can integrate, backup, and work with data of both Magento versions.

Additionally Skyvia have supported the new FreshBooks Alpha API. Now our users can move on and stop using the deprecated FreshBooks Classic API and switch their connections to the latest Alpha API.

Please try our new functionality and leave feedback.


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