Reply, Calendly and Greenhouse Released This Week

June 10, 2022

Skyvia Team

Skyvia is glad to announce the release of Reply, Calendly and Greenhouse. Easily query or integrate data between these connectors, publish their data via OData or SQL endpoints, efficiently automate repetitive tasks.

What Are These Connectors for?

Reply — a sales engagement platform that helps you automate and scale multichannel outreach, so you can generate more leads, acquire new customers and grow revenue faster.

Calendly — a powerful scheduling software to organize meetings and appointments between individuals and organizations. Calendly eliminates email back and forth, helps save time and provide better service and increase sales.

Greenhouse — an applicant tracking and recruitment management solution that help companies hire and onboard the right talent.

Whenever you have use cases related to Reply, Calendly and Greenhouse, try them with Skyvia! Your challenging data integration tasks are waiting for easy solutions with Skyvia. In case you have any technical questions, you can contact our technical support team. Your feedback is greately appreciated.


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