Skyvia Keeps Connecting New Apps — WooCommerce and ReCharge Connectors Added

April 15, 2022

Skyvia Team

Skyvia is glad to announce the release of two newly supported connectors. This time they are WooCommerce and ReCharge. Both connectors belong to the E-Commerce category and have been added to the existing cloud sources. Now, you can integrate new connectors with other data sources, query them, and publish their data via OData or SQL endpoints.

Brief Information about the Supported Connectors

  • WooCommerce — the most popular and arguably best ecommerce plugin for WordPress. Being open source, it offers limitless customizations. Using WordPress with WooCommerce means you'll have the support of the robust open source community.
  • ReCharge — a leading subscription payment platform designed for merchants to set up and manage dynamic recurring billing across web and mobile.

Whenever you have use cases related to WooCommerce or ReCharge, try them with Skyvia! In case you have any technical questions, you can contact our technical support team. Your feedback is greately appreciated.


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