Connect Extends beyond OData — New SQL API Endpoints

March 18, 2020

Skyvia Team

Today we are glad to announce the new major feature in our Connect product — SQL endpoints. These endpoints provide web API that allows executing SQL statements against data sources and work with returned data.

SQL Endpoint

SQL API for Cloud Data

SQL endpoints offer the same advanced security and logging features as OData endpoints. This completely new endpoint kind allows you to publish your cloud data without the need to publish credentials for the corresponding data sources or even provide source API tokens. You may create your own set of users with passwords on the endpoint level. Convenient logs allow you to monitor all the access to your endpoint.

SQL engine for cloud data allows much more flexible data access and data manipulation than native cloud API and allow you work with your cloud data just like with database.

SQL API for Databases

SQL endpoints provide even more features for databases. They can serve as a secure gateway to your database that allows you to fully manage it with SQL over the web. Since they just run the posted SQL against the database engine itself, you can do whatever actions you need against the database over the Internet, that you can do with native database client.

Secure Agent application allows you to easily connect to your on-premise databases. You can create SQL endpoints for database servers, not having an external IP address and sitting behind the firewall and control your database with SQL statements from anywhere. All the traffic between the database, endpoint service, and clients is encrypted with secure SSL/TLS encryption.

Client Software Available

SQL endpoints provide custom API for executing SQL and retrieving data. This API is simple enough to get started in minutes. However, we also provide client libraries that simplify using SQL endpoints even more.

We offer a ready-to-use ODBC driver and ADO.NET provider for SQL endpoints. With them, you can connect existing software, supporting these well-known interfaces, to your SQL endpoints or develop your own solutions. We also plan to create a Google Data Studio connector for SQL endpoints in near future.

Easy Endpoint Creation

Convenient SQL Endpoint Wizard allows creating SQL endpoints in just three simple steps: connect to a data source, configure endpoint user accounts and IP access limitations, and specify the endpoint name. That's all, after less than a couple of minutes you have a ready-to-use endpoint. We take care about hosting, maintenance, and everything else; all you need to do is to specify data source that you need to access via SQL API and optionally configure security settings.

SQL Wizard

You are welcome to try the new SQL endpoints feature and give us your feedback. Note that creating endpoints for database data and security features are not available in the free Connect plan, but you can start a two-week trial period for paid Connect plan in your account settings and try all the advanced features.


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