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Dynamics CRM


Dynamics CRM is a widely used cloud CRM from Microsoft, focused on Sales, Marketing, and Service (help desk) sectors.

List of CRM Activities (Phone Call, Task, Appointment, Email etc)

Query Text

SELECT activitypointer.subject, activitypointer.activitytypecode AS ActivityType, activitypointer.statecode AS ActivityStatus, activitypointer.prioritycode AS Priority, activitypointer.scheduledend AS DueDate
  FROM activitypointer
LEFT OUTER JOIN owner AS owner_activitypointers ON activitypointer.ownerid = owner_activitypointers.ownerid
WHERE ( = 'Devart Corp' AND activitypointer.isregularactivity = True AND (activitypointer.statecode = 'Open' OR activitypointer.statecode = 'Scheduled'))
ORDER BY activitypointer.subject

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