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A summary of all items sold for the selected date range

Query Text

SELECT OrderProducts."ProductId", OrderProducts."Sku", OrderProducts."Name", COUNT(OrderProducts."OrderId") AS "Orders", SUM(OrderProducts."Quantity") AS "Unit Sold", SUM(OrderProducts."TotalIncTax") AS "Revenue"
  FROM "OrderProducts"
INNER JOIN Orders AS "OrderProducts_Orders" ON OrderProducts."OrderId" = "OrderProducts_Orders"."id"
WHERE ("OrderProducts_Orders"."Status" != 'Cancelled' AND "OrderProducts_Orders"."Status" != 'Refunded' AND date(date("OrderProducts_Orders"."DateCreated"), 'start of month') = date('now', 'localtime', 'start of month'))
GROUP BY OrderProducts."ProductId", OrderProducts."Sku", OrderProducts."Name"
ORDER BY OrderProducts."Name"

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