Skyvia New - Try Brand New Skyvia!

Devart is proud to inform Skyvia users that the brand new Skyvia version with a much improved look and feel and a number of new features is available in Beta.

You may try our new features at Just sign in with Skyvia account that you normally use to sign in to our service, or with a Google or Salesforce account.

Please note that your pricing plans and subscription limits are shared between the current Skyvia service and Skyvia New. The actions that are counted to a pricing plan limit on the current Skyvia service, are counted to the same pricing plan limit in the same way on Skyvia New.

Please see our Skyvia New page for the description of Skyvia New features and other information.

Available Products

Currently Skyvia New allows using Connect and Query products.

We are working to add Data Integration and Backup products to Skyvia New as soon as possible.

Our Plans

We are going to keep Skyvia service running in parallel with Skyvia New for a prolonged time. We will keep updating our current Skyvia application and add new connectors and minor features to it, while working on completely new features on Skyvia New. Our users are free to choose whether to use our current solution or the new beta or both.

Please try our new functionality and leave feedback.