Connecting to Amazon S3

To connect to an Amazon S3 server, you need to specify the S3 Region to use and either AWS Security Token or AWS Access Key ID and AWS Secret Key. You also need to specify the S3 Bucket Name to upload file to.


You need to specify the following parameters for Amazon S3 connection:

Name - connection name that will be used to identify the connection on the Connections page and when selecting a connection for a package.
Access Key ID - the first part of your Amazon Web Services access key.
Secret Key - the second part of your Amazon Web Services access key. Read more about AWS access keys...
Security Token - an alternative to Access Key ID and Secret Key pair, Amazon Web Services Security token is a temporary, limited-privilege credential.
Region - the AWS region, where your S3 storage is hosted.
Bucket Name - here you may specify the name of your S3 bucket to temporarily load the file with imported or replicated data to. If you leave it empty, Skyvia will create a new bucket when importing or replicating data to Redshift and delete it after the operation is finished.