Backup Limitations

Skyvia performs backup and restore operations via API, provided by data sources, and thus, is sometimes limited to the corresponding API functionality. Here are Skyvia Backup limitations you need to consider:


Read-only Tables

In some of the supported data sources, some tables are read-only. For example, in Salesforce, the objects with name ending with "Feed" or "History" are read-only. Skyvia can back up such tables, but it cannot restore data to such tables, since they are read-only.


Polymorphic Relations

Some cloud applications have polymorphic relations - foreign keys when the same foreign key field can reference different kinds of objects. For example, in Salesforce the OwnerId field of the Case object can reference User or Contact object. Skyvia does not allow navigating such relations on the Record Details Page and does not display the related records by such relations.

Additionally, in some cases Skyvia cannot restore such relations in a data source when performing a restore operation. It can restore such relations only if the corresponding foreign key field is not required (can have NULL values) and is updatable. For example, Skyvia cannot restore relations of the Dynamics CRM Connections table that has polymorphic relations on the record1id and record2id fields, which are required.