Backup Overview

Skyvia provides cloud backup service for supported cloud sources. It allows you to back up cloud data automatically on a schedule or anytime manually. Backed up data can be restored from the Skyvia interface in few clicks or exported to CSV files.

note Note

Skyvia backs up only data. It does not back up metadata.

In order to back up your data, you need to create a connection and a backup package first.

A backup package defines the data source to back up data from, the set of data source objects to back up with additional settings such as a set of fields to back up and filter conditions, and backup schedule. You can have as many backup packages as you need for as many data sources as you need in your account.

When a backup package is run, it creates a backup. A backup is a snapshot of your cloud data for a specific point in time stored on Skyvia servers. A Backup package stores all the backups it made until you delete them or until you delete the backup package itself.

note Important Note

When you delete a backup package, all the data backed up by this package  is deleted. This action cannot be reversed!