Creating Charts

In addition to table view, Skyvia allows creating charts, based on the returned data. You can select a column to use its values as chart categories, add chart series from the numeric columns, or even split a series into several ones by the content of a column.

Chart categories are text labels displayed along one of the chart category axis.

Chart series is an array of numeric values, corresponding to chart categories.

To switch from the table view to chart view, click one of the rightmost buttons, representing the supported chart types, in the Result pane header.


ExpandedToggleIcon        Supported Chart Types

Skyvia Query supports the following kinds of charts:



ExpandedToggleIcon        Configuring Chart Categories and Series

You can configure chart series and categories on the chart settings pane. You can hide this pane to free more space for the chart itself by clicking the query-icon-chart-settings button. To show it click this button again.


You can select a result columns to get category value from in the Category list.

Series columns can be selected in the Series lists. You can add series to a chart by clicking + Add series and delete series by clicking the query-icon-delete-series button to the right of the corresponding series.

Chart series are listed below the chart. When there are several series, they are colored with different colors in order to be distinguishable from each other. The colors are chosen at random. If you don't like the colors, switch to the table view and then back to the corresponding kind of chart, the chart will be redrawn with different colors.

note Note

Pie chart does not support displaying multiple series. It displays only one of the chart series, and lists categories below the chart instead of series.


ExpandedToggleIcon        Splitting Series by Column Value

Skyvia allows splitting chart series into several ones by the content of a column. Each series corresponds to the distinct value in this column. For this you need to select a column to split the series by in the Break By list.

For example, we want to compare the number of orders per month for two employees. We select month, the number of orders per months, and employee name from the database and have the following data:


Without splitting a series by categories, the chart looks like the following:


Note that categories (months) are duplicated. That's because result contains rows for both employees, and values in the Month column repeat for each of the employees. Now we split the chart series by employee name. For this we select the LastName column in the Break By list. The chart will look like the following:


Now you can see the number of orders for these two employees per month.

note Note

If you split a series into several ones, and there are no values for a category value in some of the result series, zero values are added to the series for this category. For example, if the first row had not been present in the example above, there would have been no value for Callahan for the "2015,09" category. In such cases Skyvia adds a zero value to the chart for this serie.