Email Notifications

Skyvia provides email notifications functionality, which you can enable on your profile page.

ExpandedToggleIcon        Enabling Email Notifications

Email notifications are disabled by default. To enable them, open your profile page (click your email in the top right corner of the page and then click Profile). Then select whether to send notifications to the account email or to some other emails. You may enter several emails, separated by semicolons. To disable email notifications again, select Don't send notifications.



ExpandedToggleIcon        Notification Events

Currently Skyvia can send email notifications in the following cases:

When an integration package fails to execute completely (no records are loaded successfully).
When an export package fails to export records from one or more objects.
When a backup package fails to backup data from one or more objects or fails completely.


ExpandedToggleIcon        Notification Frequency

In order not to spam your email address with a large number of notifications, Skyvia sends email notification no more frequently than once per hour. Even if multiple packages fail within an hour, Skyvia will send a notification only for the first one.

Besides, if a package is scheduled to run more often than once per day, and fails multiple time, Skyvia sends only up to one notification per day for a package.