Expression Mapping

When you map target object columns during the creation or editing a task, you can map a target column to an expression.

First click the Column list and select Expression. Then you may either enter the expression in the box manually or click the Expression button and use a convenient Expression Editor.


Expression can include the following:

Source columns
Numeric or string constants
Arithmetic and logical operators ( AND OR NOT < > == + - * / ?: )
Mathematical, string, and date&time functions
NULL check and replace functions
NULL value

You can either enter the expression manually into the box or click the button near it and use advanced Expression Editor. Expression Editor displays the lists of available Columns and Functions, allowing you to select them from the list and paste them to the Expression box.


If you select a function in the Functions list, Expression Editor displays information about this function and its parameters, and the function is pasted to the Expression box.

Under the Expression box the operator buttons are located. When you click them, they paste the corresponding operators to the Expression box.

Expression Editor allows to validate the entered expression. For this click the Validate button.

After you finished editing the expression, click the Save button, or click Cancel to cancel changes.