Connecting to Google BigQuery

Google BigQuery-Specific Features and Limitations

Skyvia has the following limitations for Google BigQuery:

Synchronization is not supported for Google BigQuery.
UPSERT operation in import is not supported for Google BigQuery.


Google BigQuery Connections

To create a Google BigQuery connection, perform the following steps:

1.Open the Connections page by clicking Connections in the menu on the left side of the page.
2.Click the New button.
3.In the opened pane click Google BigQuery.
4.In the opened New Connection dialog box, specify a connection Name that will be used to identify the connection.
5.Click Log In with Google BigQuery.
6.In the opened window enter your Google BigQuery credentials and click Sign in.
7.Click the Allow button.
8.Specify the Project Id and DataSet Id to connect to.
9.Also specify the name of the bucket (Cloud Storage Bucket) that will be used for temporary upload of CSV files when performing Import or Replication to Google BigQuery. The uploaded files will be deleted after the corresponding operations are finished.
10. You can also optionally click the Advanced button and set the Command Timeout interval. It specifies the wait time before terminating an attempt to execute a command and generating an error. Note that it is the time to wait for any server reply since the command was sent to a server, and it doesn't include the time necessary to fetch data if the command selects some data. Here you can also enable the use of legacy SQL syntax by selecting the Use Legacy SQL check box.
11. Click the Save button to save the connection.