How to Delete Old Backups

When old backups become obsolete and unnecessary, you can delete them to decrease storage space usage. Note that Skyvia doesn't delete backed up data automatically. The data can be deleted only manually, by the users.

The data is deleted in the following cases:

When you delete an entire backup package, all its backups are deleted.
When you clear the backup package history, you can delete all backups or backups for the specified period or backups older than the specified date.

To delete a backup package, open its Backup Package Details Page, click Actions and then click Delete. Then click OK, and your package will be deleted with all its backups.

To delete backups without deleting the backup package or to delete only some of your backups, perform the following steps:

1.Open the Backup Package Details Page, click Actions and then click Clear History.
2.In the opened Delete Backups dialog box select whether you want to delete all the backups in the package, backups older than the specified date, or backups within the specified period.
3.If you have selected Older Than or Between, specify the date or the start and end dates of the interval, respectively.
4.Click Apply.
5.Click OK.