How to Restore Data

In short, restoring data in Skyvia works in the following way:

When viewing data, you need to perform the following actions to restore data:

1.Select check boxes for the records or whole objects you want to restore. You can freely navigate between Backup Details, Data Preview, and Record Details pages using on-page links and breadcrumbs - Skyvia will remember all the selections you made till you leave the current backup.
2.Click the Restore button, select the operation to apply for the selected data - Insert, Update, or Delete.

note Note

When restoring data while viewing data changes, you don't need to select the operation manually. Skyvia selects the operation to apply that undoes the selected change: inserted records are deleted, deleted records are inserted, and updated records are updated with their previous values.

3.Optionally, you can select another connection to restore data to in the Restore details dialog box. Then simply click Apply, and the data will be restored.

See more details on various restore cases below.


Restoring Related Data

If you want to restore several related records, for example, Salesforce Account and all its Contacts, you will need to select all the related records you want to restore and restore them in one restore operation if you want to preserve data relations. Skyvia remembers the selected records while you view

This is because when a record is inserted in a cloud application, it gets a new Id value. When you restore its related records that reference it by an old backed up Id value, the relation cannot be restored using this old value. If you restore the related records in one operation, Skyvia retrieves the new Ids and build relations between restored records correctly, but this cannot be done when restoring related records in several restore operations.

Skyvia makes it easy to select all the related records before restoring them, using the Record Details Page. To open this page, click the Details link for a record when viewing data on the Data Preview Page. The Record Details page displays the record field values and all the records that are related to the current one. You can select check boxes all the "child" records, regardless of the object they belong to on this page.

If you need to select a "parent" record for the current record, the Record Details page displays all the foreign key field values of the current record as links. Simply click the corresponding foreign key field value to open the Record Details page for the referenced record. On this page you can add this record to restore by selecting the Selected check box at the top of the list of the fields.

After you selected all the necessary records, click Restore. Then select the operation to apply for the selected data - Insert, Update, or Delete and click Apply.


Finding and Restoring Specific Record

If you need to find and restore a specific record, you can use backup search. Skyvia offers powerful data search functionality for your backups. You can search your backed up data by a fragment of one of its fields. For example, if you want to find a specific account in your backups, you can find it by a part of its name, address, phone, etc.

To start the search, open data of the object, from which you want to restore a record, from the most recent backup. Then enter the fragment you want to search to the Search record box and click the search-button Search in current backup button or press Enter. Skyvia will display the records, containing the searched string or the message that there are no records to display. If you need an older version of the record, or the necessary record is not found in a current backup, you can continue search in the older backups by clicking the search-older-button Search in older backup button. To navigate back to newer backups, simply click the search-newer-button Search in newer backup button.

Thus, you can find the necessary version of the record. After you found it, select it and click Restore. Then select the operation to apply for the selected data - Insert, Update, or Delete and click Apply.


Restoring Separate Field Values

Skyvia allows restoring even separate field values. If you made some undesired changes to a field and want to restore the previous value from backup, you can do it in the following way:

1.Find the necessary record using search as described above.
2.Continue Search in older backup till you find the version of a record with the necessary value of the field you want to restore.
3.Click the search-newer-button Search in newer backup button once to open a backup that was made after the change you want to revert.
4.Click the Changed tab to see the data changes. It should display the record as updated (with the record-state-update mark).
5.Click the Select Fields link for the record.
6.On the Record Preview Page you can see the list of changed fields, and their old and new values. Make sure that this is the change you want to undo.
7.Select the check box for the field you want to revert to its old value and click Restore.

note Note

This procedure is for a case when an undesired change was made some time ago, several backups were already made since the change, and you don't know which backup contains the necessary version of a record. If you know exactly when the change was made, simply open the data of the necessary object in the first backup made after the change, find the necessary record using the Search record box, and proceed directly to the step 4. If you don't have a backup made after the change, you will need to perform a backup first.


Bulk Restore

If necessary, you can restore all the records in a specific object or all backed up objects from your backup package. On the Backup Details Page you can select check boxes for the backed up objects, and this selects all the records in these objects. Then you can click Restore and select the operation to apply to the records. To select all the objects, select the check box in the header of the Data grid.

note Note

Skyvia only performs the selected actions for selected backed up data. It does not restore the data in the source to its original form completely, for example, it does nothing to the newly created records that wasn't backed up yet.

If you want to restore all the data or a specific object to a point of time when one of your backups was made, you can do it in the following way.

1.Perform a new backup. Restore in Skyvia won't affect the records that are not backed up yet, so, if you want to restore data to the previous point in time, you need to have all the data backed up.
2.Make sure that the backup for the date you want to restore data to is displayed on the Backup Package Details Page in the History pane. If it is not displayed, then probably it is older than the period, for which the history is not displayed. To change this setting click the down arrow near the History header and click the necessary period that includes the date of the necessary backup in the list.
If your backup is older than 30 days, select Custom. After this you should select start and end dates of the interval to display (the end date needs to be the current date in our case) and click Apply.
3.Click the Details link of the latest (topmost) backup in the list.
4.Click the Changed tab.
5.Below the Data header after Changed since you can see date and time of the backup you compare the current backup with. Click the down arrow after this timestamp, and select the backup you want to revert data to from the list.
6.If this backup pair was never compared, the corresponding message is displayed. Click the Compare Now button to compare backups. Note that it can take some time if there is much of data backed up.
7.Select the check box for the object you want to restore (or for all the objects if you want to revert all the data for your cloud application) and click Restore. Then click Apply.

Restoring Data to Other Connection

Skyvia allows you to restore data from a backup to another connection. The connection must be to the same kind of the cloud application, that the data are backed up from. This means that, for example, if you have backed up data from Salesforce, you can restore them to another Salesforce organization, but not to Dynamics CRM or other cloud application.

To restore data to another connection, select the necessary data and click Restore. Then click Insert Records and select a connection to restore data to in the Restore Details dialog box. Selecting a connection is not available for Update and Delete operations as well as when viewing and undoing data changes (using the Changed tab).


More Complex Scenarios

If you need to perform even more complex restore operations, for example, use Upsert or restore only records that meet some criteria, you can use Skyvia's Data Integration functionality with your backed up data. You can create a connection to your backed up data and then configure an Import Package that loads data from your backup to your data source. Import packages provide advanced functionality such as source data filters, expressions, all DML operations support including UPSERT, and many others.