How to Save Query for Future Use

If you have created a useful query and want to reuse it in future, you can save it in the Query Gallery. For this, perform the following steps:

1.Click Save on the Query page toolbar.
2.Enter the name of the query to the Name box.
3.Optionally select an existing folder in the Folder list or create a new folder for storing the query. In order to create a new folder, click + Create Folder, then, in the Create Folder dialog box, enter the folder name to the Name box, and click Save. You can rename and delete folders in the Query Gallery.

note Note

Skyvia does not allow creating nested folders for storing queries, it allows using only one-level folder structure for storing queries

4.Optionally specify a description for the query in the Description box.
5.Optionally clear the Save connection reference check box if you want to store query without binding it to a specific connection. In this case you will need to select a connection for it again after you open it from the Query Gallery.

When you save a query in the gallery, all the query settings are saved, including changes made in the query builder, SQL statement, data display settings (grid or chart, chart kind and series, etc.).

You can open or delete a saved query later in the Query Gallery.