Import Tutorials

In this section:

Importing Contacts for Existing Accounts - describes how to import a file with Contacts for Accounts, already existing in the Salesforce database. Demonstrates different ways of specifying IDs of existing master Salesforce objects when importing child objects.
Importing Products with Prices from Dropbox - describes how to import a file of products with their prices from Dropbox to the Salesforce Product2 and PricebookEntry objects. Demonstrates a one-to-many import operation (data splitting).
Importing Tables from SQL Azure - describes how to import Product, Customer, Order, and Order Detail tables from the Microsoft standard Northwind database on SQL Azure. Demonstrates complex many-to-many import operation (when you import data from several tables with foreign key relations between them to several related Salesforce objects), creating a connection to SQL Azure, and how to preserve data relations between the source tables.
Importing Accounts with Binary Attachments - describes how to import accounts together with attachments that are imported as a set of binary files. Demonstrates import of binary files.