Connecting to OData Endpoint

Skyvia allows you to connect to any data source that provides OData interface for data access over the web.

Data integration: Skyvia supports importing data to and from OData endpoints, exporting their data to CSV files, and replicating their data to relational databases.

Backup: Skyvia Backup via OData is not supported.

Query: Skyvia Query supports OData endpoints.


OData-Specific Features and Limitations

Skyvia has the following limitations for OData endpoints:

Since Skyvia doesn't know which fields, if any, store record creation and modification timestamps, it does not support replication with Incremetal Updates selected for OData endpoints.
Skyvia does not support OData endpoints in synchronization packages because of the same reasons.


OData Connections

To connect to an OData endpoint, you need to specify its url, and, if necessary, provide authentication parameters.


You need to specify the following parameters for HubSpot connection:

Name - a connection name that will be used to identify the connection on the Connections page and when selecting a connection for a package.
Server - an OData endpoint URL.
Authentication - the authentication method to use. Currently Skyvia supports OData endpoints without authentication and with basic HTTP authentication.
User - user name. Available only for Basic authentication.
Password - user password for the OData endpoint. Available only for Basic authentication.