How to Add or Remove Columns from Query

ExpandedToggleIcon        Adding Columns to Query

To query data from a table simply drag this table from the Connection Object List to the Result Fields pane. To add only some of the table fields to the query, click a table in the Connection Object List, and it will display the list of the table fields.

You can also drag several table fields at the same time. For this, select them in the Connection Object List using Ctrl or Shift key and drag them. Note that when you add several related tables or fields from related tables, they are automatically joined by the foreign key. For more details


ExpandedToggleIcon        Removing or Disabling Columns from Query

To remove a column or table from the query, click it on the Result Fields pane and press the Delete key or click the query-icon-delete button in the Details pane header on the right side of the page. You can also temporary disable a column in a query without removing it. For this click the query-icon-disable button in the Details pane header. This will remove the column from the generated SQL statement, but keep it in the Query Builder so that you will be able to re-enable it. To enable it back, select it on the Result Fields pane and click the same button in the Details pane header again.


ExpandedToggleIcon        Setting Column Alias

You can also set an alias for the column. For this click the column on the Result Fields pane and then click the query-icon-rename Rename field button under the Details pane header. Enter the alias and click the query-icon-apply-rename Apply rename button or click the query-icon-cancel-rename Cancel rename button to cancel the action.