Record Details Page

The Record Details page allows you to view all the field values for a specific record as a list instead of a table row. Additionally, it allows viewing all the backed up records in all tables, that reference the current record with a foreign key and browsing by data relations. To open this page and view record details and relations, on the Data Preview Page click a Details link for a record you want to view details of. This page is not available when viewing changed data.


The upper part of the Data pane on the page displays the Selected check box and record field values. At first, only 10 first fields are displayed. You can display all the fields by clicking the show more link. Click Show less in order to display only 10 fields again.

If a field is a foreign key that references other backed up record, the value of this field is displayed as a link, which opens the Record Details page for the referenced record. In this way you can navigate by relations.

If there are records in the current backup that reference the current record, the Record Details page displays them below the list of fields with their values. They are displayed in grids, and each grid contains the records of one object that reference the current record. The grids are named in the following way: '<Object name> <Name of the foreign key field>'.

note Note

Polymorphic relations (when the same foreign key can reference different objects) are not supported.

For example, suppose we have backed up Salesforce Account, Contact, Case, and User objects. Contact and Case objects reference Account by the AccountId foreign key field, and the three tables, Account, Contact, and Case, have multiple foreign keys to the User table (by the OwnerId, CreatedById, and LastModifiedById fields). In this case, when viewing record details for an Account record, the Record Details page displays all the Cases and Contacts that reference this account, if there are some.

The grids with related records are titled with the name of object and the name of the corresponding foreign key field.

In the list of the Account fields above the grids with related records, the OwnerId, CreatedById, and LastModifiedById foreign key field values are links to the details of the corresponding User record.