Supported SQL for Cloud Sources

Skyvia Query supports SQL SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements for cloud sources.

Before proceeding to the statements here are some basic aspects of Skyvia's SQL for cloud applications:

Table and field names are quoted with double quotation marks. For example (a query for Zoho CRM):

SELECT "t"."Account Name", "t"."Account Site"
  FROM "Accounts" AS t

String and date constants are quoted with single quotation marks. For example (a query for Salesforce):

SELECT "t"."Name"
  FROM "Account" AS t
WHERE ("t"."CreatedDate" > '2014-11-30 21:57:32')

Date constants are written in the following format: 'YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss'. Time part or seconds may be omitted. See the example above.

In This Section:

SELECT Statements
DML Statements