Predefined Integrations Gallery

To ease configuration of data integration between the data integration Skyvia offers a number of predefined integration packages, which you can get into use immediately with minimal configuration steps.

The predefined integration packages help you automate the most common cloud application integration tasks, such as creating MailChimp subscribers from Salesforce contacts or leads and vice versa, creating MailChimp subscribers from Shopify customers, adding new Marketo leads as Salesforce contacts, etc. You can see the full list of the available predefined packages on the Gallery page.


To add such a package, perform the following steps:

1.On the Integration Packages page click New and then click Gallery.
2.The Integration Gallery with all the available predefined packages will open. Here you can use the Search box to quickly find the necessary package. For example, you can enter a pair of data sources you want to integrate into this box, like "Salesforce MailChimp" (without quotes), and see all the predefined integration packages for these data sources.
3.Optionally click the necessary package to view its description and the required configuration steps. For most predefined packages, all you need to do is to select or create connections to the corresponding cloud applications and set up schedule for automatic execution.
4.Click Use for the package.
5.Perform additional package configuration as specified in the package description.

That's all. You can optionally change the package name, and after this you can save and run the package. If you have scheduled it for automatic execution, it will run and perform your integration task automatically, freeing your time for more important and less mundane tasks.