Skyvia - Best Cloud Service for Data Integration

Skyvia is a powerful cloud data integration service (ETL solution). It allows you to integrate data in your cloud CRMs and relational databases. Connect different applications and platforms with Skyvia and benefit from integrated data! Rich functionality, wide data source support, intuitive interface, and detailed tutorials make Skyvia a perfect solution for cloud and on-premise data integration.

Skyvia is a completely online solution (SaaS), which does not require any local software installed except a web browser, and can be used from any device – PC, tablet, smartphone.


Data Integration Tools

Automate data import to cloud CRMs and databases with Skyvia! Skyvia key features include powerful mapping capabilities with expression support, data splitting support, wide support of data sources, and many more.

Data import

Skyvia is the simplest solution to export your database or cloud CRM data to a CSV file. It provides powerful data filtering, ability to export master object fields, when exporting detail objects, etc.

Data export

Skyvia offers powerful online tools for creating a copy of a cloud CRM database in a relational database and maintaining this copy in an up-to-date state when necessary.

Data replication

With Skyvia you can easily synchronize your data between cloud CRMs and relational databases in both directions. Keep data of different applications on different platforms in sync!

Data synchronization

Supported Data Sources

Salesforce data integration
Dynamics CRM data integration
Dynamics CRM
Sugar CRM data integration
Sugar CRM
Zoho CRM data integration
Zoho CRM
NetSuite data integration
coming soon
SQL Server data integration
SQL Server
PostgreSQL data integration
MySQL data integration
SQL Azure data integration
SQL Azure
Amazon RDS data integration
Amazon RDS
Dropbox data integration
Box data integration
Google Drive data integration
Google Drive
FTP data integration
SFTP data integration

How it works

With Skyvia you can perform your data integration operation in the following three steps:


Register your account for free.


Configure your data integration operations in convenient GUI wizards.

Run Integration

Run your data integration operations on demand or schedule their execution.