Load Data from and to CSV Files in Data Flow and Control Flow

December 24, 2021

Skyvia Team

Now, Data Flow and Control Flow support data loading to and from CSV files. We have added CSV Source and Target components to Data Flow.

For some time, Data Flow was limited to loading data between data sources directly, but finally CSV files are supported in it too. The CSV Source component allows you to ingest data from CSV, either manually uploaded or obtained from file storages.

CSV Source in Data Flow

The CSV Target component allows you to load records to a CSV file. It can put the result CSV to file storages automatically and provides advanced control over file naming.

Compared to Skyvia's traditional Import functionality, Data Flow now allows importing CSV files into multiple data sources at once, which goes along with much more flexible data transformations in the process. Regarding the CSV export features, now Data Flow also provides flexible data transformations as well as full control over the result file name, not available in Export.

In Export, you can either specify a constant custom CSV name or add a timestamp to the object name. CSV Target allows you not only to combine a timestamp with a custom name but provides all the power of Skyvia's expression language for file name customization.

Since Control Flow loads data using data flows, it also now can work with CSV files.

We hope new features will be of use for you. Any of your feedback is highly appreciated. In case you have any questions, contact our technical support.


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