Universal Solution to Keep All Your Cloud Data Safe



Get automatic daily backup and don’t worry for your data any more. Back up data manually whenever needed.



Back up all your cloud apps in unified interface. Configure backup in a minute and restore data in just a few clicks.



Monitor your backup and restore operations and see data changes between backups. Easily find the necessary data in a backup.



Data is stored in a secure Azure Geo-redundant storage and transmitted only in an encrypted form. Only you have access to it.

Centralized Backup for Your Cloud Apps

Back up all your cloud apps together in one solution. Skyvia can backup various cloud CRMs, Accounting, Marketing, E-commerce, and E-support applications — all in one convenient and clear interface. If your company uses several cloud apps of the listed below, you can benefit from managing all your cloud backups in one place.

Get Started with Skyvia Backup in Minutes

Skyvia Backup has intuitive interface and is very easy to use. Watch this small introductory video and see Skyvia Backup features in action. Learn how to configure Salesforce backup in a couple of minutes and how to restore data in just a few clicks.


Our expert demonstrates setting up backup, its features, and restoring data in 7 minutes


Why Skyvia Backup

Even though most cloud software and services seem reliable and secure, Murphy's Law still applies. Why take the chance that any of your data can be changed, lost or destroyed?

For example, Salesforce recommends using third-party backup solutions to backup your data, and Skyvia is exactly the solution Salesforce is talking about! Your backed up data is kept in secure Azure GRS Storage and is always available to you for reviewing or restoring.

...we recommend that you use a partner backup solution that can be found on the Appexchange.

Free Plan


One-click restore

Export to CSV files

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Cost Effective Pricing

Skyvia Backup pricing does not depend on the number of cloud apps and their accounts you backup. You can back up as many cloud apps as you need, and as many accounts as you need, and you only pay for the storage space, required for your backups.

Skyvia has a free plan limited to 1 GB of space used, and it does not provide backup data search and backup comparison features. You can see other plans on our Pricing page.