Two-Way Synchronization of Cloud and Database Data

No-coding cloud data synchronization solution. Keep data in various data sources in sync automatically.

Configure and automate two-way synchronization with no coding.
Sync two cloud apps, two databases, or a cloud app with a database.
Sync data sources with a different data structure.

Key Features

Powerful Mapping

Our sync is fully customizable, you define what data to sync, custom fields and objects. You can map one table to multiple tables, use powerful mathematical and string expressions, lookups, etc.

No Need to Customize Data Structure

You don’t need to add custom external ID fields to cloud CRM objects or use textual IDs in your database. The only requirement for databases is autogenerated primary keys.

Change Data Capture

After the initial synchronization, Skyvia loads only changed data and applies the necessary changes from source to target and vice versa.

All kinds of data integration support:

Automation by Schedule
Detailed Logging
Email Notifications

Skyvia’s Data Integration also allows:

  • Import data to cloud apps and databases
  • Replicate cloud data to databases
  • Export cloud and database data to CSV


Read our tutorials to learn how to use our cloud service for different synchronization scenarios.

Synchronizing Product Data

Describes how to create a synchronization package that synchronizes a modified Products table from the Microsoft standard Northwind database on SQL Azure with Salesforce Product2 and PricebookEntry objects.

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Synchronizing Zoho CRM Contacts with MailChimp Subscribers

Describes how to create a synchronization package that will keep MailChimp subscribers in a list and Zoho CRM contacts in sync.

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Setting Up Dynamics CRM Replication to SQL Azure

Describes how to create a copy of your cloud data in a database and keep it in sync with the cloud source automatically, using Salesforce as an example.

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Configure your cloud data synchronization operations with minimal effort and in only a few clicks!