Builder mode

You can build even complex queries visually via drag-and-drop without typing code.


SQL mode

Our online SQL editor.


Data mode

This mode is useful to preview your data in the browser and prepare them to export.

Universal Query Tool for Any Data Source


Wherever your data are located, you can always access and manage them with Skyvia Query:


On-premise Databases

Easily manage data in local Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and MariaDB databases from the Internet. Connect to them via secure Skyvia Agent.


Cloud Databases

Access data from different cloud databases and cloud data warehouse services with one cloud tool.


Cloud Applications

Query cloud application data just like a database. Use filters, joins, grouping, aggregations — all the power of SQL language.

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Create Queries Easily

Want to query your data but don’t know SQL? Our powerful Query Builder tool can help you to build even complex queries visually via drag-and-drop without typing a line of code. It allows you to focus on data you want to get, automating the query generation. Whenever necessary, you can switch to SQL editor and tweak the generated SQL code if needed.

Key Features

  • Type-specific functions
  • One-click aggregations
  • Typed filters
  • Automatic joins and grouping
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Create Queries Easily



Schema Discovery

Explore the schema of your data: tables, relations, field types.


SQL Editor

Use all the power of SQL against both database and cloud app data!


Visual Query Builder

Build queries visually — configure joins, filtering, aggregation without a line of code!

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Export Data

View your data in the browser or export it to CSV or PDF.


Query Gallery

Easily save and reuse your queries. See sample queries for common use cases.

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All the data transmissions between the service and your browser are securely encrypted with TLS. Data source connections can be encrypted if a data source supports it.

Query Data Directly from Excel and Google Sheets

Best solution when you often need to get data from different data sources to Google Sheets or Excel.