Online MariaDB Query Builder & SQL editor

Run MariaDB queries online with web-based SQL editor and visual Query Builder

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    It’s your on-premise MariaDB connection

  • Source Tree

    Explore the schema of your data

  • Properties

    Configure joins, filtering, aggregation without a line of code

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Query and Manage MariaDB from Anywhere

With our online SQL editor, you can access your MariaDB server from anywhere, whenever you need. Both cloud and on-premise servers can easily be queried.


Always at hand — 24×7

Whenever you need to access your data or perform an administrative command or script - Skyvia is always at your service.


Only a web browser required

Skyvia is a cloud solution, and you can perform any actions from anywhere - with just a web browser.


Little to no configuration needed

You only need to create a connection to your database, and it will be stored on Skyvia. Then you can open it and start working with your database instantly.

Query MariaDB Data Easily


Online MariaDB Query Builder

Query MariaDB data even without SQL knowledge. Intuitive visual query builder allows you building queries via drag-n-drop.


SQL Editor

If you are an expert in SQL, you can tweak your queries in our online SQL editor for MariaDB with syntax highlighting.


Data Export

View query results in the browser or export them to CSV or PDF format and use in your reports.


Google Sheets Add-on

Easily load MariaDB data to Google Sheets with Skyvia Query Google Sheets Add-on and share refreshable reports via Google Docs.

MariaDB Admin Tool for Online Database Management

Whenever there is a need to perform some commands on your MariaDB server, you can do it with Skyvia Query. It supports not just querying data, but executing any SQL statements and scripts — DML, DDL, administrative commands.

Store Connections on Skyvia

Connections are stored securely in an encrypted form on Skyvia servers, so you don’t need to enter connection parameters every time.

Store Useful Scripts

The scripts for frequently executed management tasks can be stored in Skyvia's Query Gallery, so next time you can run them in just a few clicks. You can link them to specific connections, group in folders, etc.

On-Premise DBSkyvia AgentFirewallSkyvia

Connect to On-Premise MariaDB Servers

Skyvia offers an Agent application — a secure tunnel allowing you to easily connect to on-premise database servers from local networks behind the firewall. You may also use the Agent to store all the actual connection parameters locally and allow connections only to the specified set of local data sources.