On-Premise Data Integration

Skyvia Agent Application to Easily Connect to On-Premise Data

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Easily Integrate On-Premise and Cloud Data

Despite constantly growing share of cloud solutions on the market, many businesses still have on-premise databases and solutions. With the adoption of cloud technologies, they need to have united ecosystem of their cloud and on-premise data.

Integration of cloud and on-premise data usually bring the following challenges:

  • On-premise database server is usually behind a restrictive firewall, which needs to be configured to allow access.
  • A database server may even not have access to the Internet directly or a dedicated IP, so port forwarding needs to be configured.

Skyvia's Solution

While retaining the possibility to connect to databases directly from the Internet, Skyvia also offers a much simpler way to connect to on-premise servers with little to no configuration. It offers an Agent application – a secure tunnel to load data between databases and Skyvia.
No Configuration Required

No Configuration Required

Just install the application and download the key – and connect immediately. No need to use port forwarding and server's firewall configuration.



No direct access from the Internet to your database server needed. Data is loaded securely encrypted by Agent, using its unique encryption key.



Agent protocol is better optimized for data access over the large distances - it requires fewer roundtrips, ensuring higher performance.

What Skyvia Сan Do for You

Integrate On-Premise and Cloud Data

Quickly and easily integrate cloud applications and on-premise databases and get all of your data working together.

Integrate Different On-Premise Servers

Easily sync and load data between two different on-premise database servers in different locations.

Publish On-Premise Data via OData

Get your data available via OData over the Internet with no effort! Publish only tables and columns you want. Other data won't be available via the endpoint.

Query and Manage On-Premise Databases Online

Our web-based SQL editor allows you to execute SQL against on-premise databases from anywhere. You can query and manage them with SQL whenever you need with just a web browser.

How It Works

Skyvia is a SaaS platform that runs all the operations in the cloud. You manage everything in a convenient GUI in web browser. Only the optional Agent application is installed locally.

Step 1


Define your connections (with or without agent) and configure Skyvia for necessary operations with no coding

Step 2


Schedule your integrations or backups with powerful schedule editor, and they will run automatically in the cloud.

Step 3


View the detailed log of all the operations online whenever you need.

Integrate on-premises databases with cloud apps without opening them to the Internet directly!

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