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Skyvia's replication is a perfect solution for loading cloud data to databases

The value of high-quality data analysis can hardly be overestimated. Businesses need to generate insights from their data fast and decently in order to make correct decisions in a concurrent environment.

Modern businesses often have their data spread between various cloud applications and on-premise databases. To make your analysis easier, faster, and more convenient, it’s better to consolidate your data in one database or cloud data warehouse, because it offers higher performance and is better suited to perform analytical queries. That’s where Skyvia can help you, because it offers very convenient tools for moving your data into a database or data warehouse.

Skyvia offers both configure-in-two-minutes ELT tools for moving cloud data into a database when there are no target tables created, and highly customizable ETL tools for transferring data between source and target of different pre-existing structure.

Real-time Analytics

Copying your data to a database is just a part of the problem. Real-time analytics require data to be constantly up-to-date. Skyvia's Replication Tool will painlessly ensure you always have the most current data from your cloud applications for inclusion in your processes. Thus, you can feel secure in your ability to make better decisions faster.

After the first replication, subsequent replications update the database incrementally with refreshes from your cloud apps, so all you need is to schedule replication to run as often as your situation requires. You can schedule your replication to run up to once every few minutes, so your database will always be up-to-date. All of this can be performed completely automatically with no user intervention.

Replication won't copy all the data every time. Instead it will perform incremental updates. Skyvia intelligently adds only records which are new, edits only modified records and removes deleted ones.

Easy-to-use ELT

You can copy your cloud data to a database and keep this copy up-to-date automatically in just a few simple steps with Skyvia replication:


Connect Skyvia to your database and cloud app


Select data to copy


Specify schedule to keep database up-to-date automatically

No need to prepare your database, Skyvia can create target tables automatically.

Highly Configurable ETL

If you already have a database with existing tables, having structure different from the source, you can use Skyvia import, which offers powerful mapping settings for data transformations:

  • Powerful expressions with conditions, mathematical, string and other functions
  • Data splitting to load them from one source table to multiple target tables
  • Preserving of source data relations in target