Universal ADO.NET Provider

Access any data via Skyvia Connect SQL endpoints

ADO.NET Gateway to Your Data

Use Skyvia Connect as ADO.NET gateway to connect different databases and cloud apps to .NET data-related programs and technologies via the most known and widely used .NET data access interface.

.NET Framework Support

Our ADO.NET provider supports .NET Framework 4.5 and higher.

SQL Support

Fully supports SQL, both for databases and cloud apps.

ADO.NET Technology Support

Provides full support for ADO.NET standard and all main ADO.NET classes.

How It Works

Provider for Skyvia Connect connects to SQL endpoints, created and hosted on Skyvia Service. It uses HTTPS protocol for sending queries and retrieving data.

Skyvia connects to data sources either directly (for data sources, available from the Internet) or via the Agent application (for on-premises data). For direct connections, Skyvia uses the corresponding data source API/protocol. For connecting via agent, the HTTPS protocol is used.

Supported Connectors


ADO.NET Provider for Databases

Easily connect to on-premise databases via Skyvia Agent and access them from anywhere over the Internet. Or connect to databases, available online, directly from Skyvia.


ADO.NET Provider for Clouds

Get common and highly compatible ADO.NET interface for various cloud data sources. SQL engine for cloud apps allows you to run complex SQL against cloud data.

How It Works


Create Connection

Create a connection to your data source.


Create Endpoint

Create SQL endpoint for your data source on Skyvia


Set Up Provider

Download and install the ADO.NET provider and develop your apps with it

Skyvia Gateway ADO.NET Provider vs Native ADO.NET Provider

Our ADO.NET provider can offer the following benefits:

One Provider for Many Data Sources

No need to install a separate ADO.NET provider for each data source, use the same software for unified access to any data.

Additional Security Layer

Configure user accounts for endpoint on Skyvia, no need to provide credentials to your data source.

Detailed Logging

All the endpoint requests are logged on Skyvia, so you can easily analyze query execution performance, error messages, traffic spent, etc.

Cost Effective Pricing

When using Skyvia Connect SQL endpoints and the corresponding ADO.NET provider, you pay for traffic via your endpoints. The provider itself is completely free, and you can create endpoints for as many data sources, as you need. Only the total traffic via your endpoints is counted.

Skyvia uses pay-as-you-go model with several pricing plans for different monthly traffic volumes. Note that security features are not included in the lower pricing plans.