Data Export from Cloud Apps and Databases

Cloud tool to export data from cloud data sources and relational databases to CSV files.

Export data to CSV files downloaded locally or saved to a cloud file storage.
Tweak all the export operations visually with no need for programming or scripting.
Customize export — select fields, objects, specify filter conditions.

Key Features

Exporting Related Object Data

You can select fields to export from the main target object and its related objects. For example, when you export prices from the Salesforce PriceBookEntry object, you can easily include product Name from the Product2 object and pricebook name from the Pricebook2 object.

Powerful Filtering

Skyvia provides powerful filtering capabilities. You can filter exported data by the fields of the exported object and its related objects regardless of whether the filter fields are added to exported data or not. Filter conditions can be as complex as you may ever need.

Exporting Binary Data

Skyvia allows exporting binary data from some cloud apps that support storing files and attachments in them. You can export them as an archive with binary files and a CSV with exported non-binary fields.

All kinds of data integration support:

Automation by Schedule
Detailed Logging
Email Notifications

Skyvia’s Data Integration also allows:

  • Import data to cloud apps and databases
  • Replicate cloud data to databases
  • Sync cloud/database data in both directions

How It Works



Create a connection to data source you want to export data from.



Create an export package and add tasks to it.



Optionally schedule your package for automatic execution.


Read our tutorials to learn how to use our cloud service for different data export use cases.

Exporting Salesforce Attachments for Specific Object

Describes how to create an export package that exports attachments for a specific Salesforce object. This tutorial demonstrates cases where you need to export attachments for all accounts or for one specific account.

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Setting Up Daily Salesforce Contacts Backup to Dropbox

Describes how to configure a daily export of Salesforce Contacts to CSV files on Dropbox. This tutorial demonstrates how to apply schedule settings for daily export. The tutorial can actually be applied for backing up any Salesforce objects.

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Configure your cloud data export operations with minimal effort and in only a few clicks!