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Data Integration

Integrate data in your cloud and database data with little effort and completely with no coding


Data Management

Manage cloud and database data with SQL from browser


Real-time data access

Publish your data via OData and SQL API endpoints with no coding


Data backup

Get automatic daily and anytime manual backup of your cloud data and restore it in a couple of clicks

Data Integration

Get easy, no coding batch integration with Skyvia and integrate data in all your data sources


ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) is the most common integration kind that performs all three steps in the specified order. For performing ETL operations, Skyvia offers an Import tool with advanced mapping settings for transformation.


ELT approach supposes simple extracting data from a source, and loading it into target as is. All the necessary transformations are then performed on the destination side. For the ELT approach, you can use Skyvia’s replication tool.


The first stage of data integration process is obtaining (extracting) data from a data source. Cleansing if necessary, and other changes.


Data transformation makes data compatible with destination, performs type conversion, data cleansing if necessary, and other changes


Finally, the transformed data is loaded to destination. Loading can be full (loading all data) or incremental (loading only recent data).


Data import

Skyvia Import is a powerful ETL tool for loading data between cloud apps and databases as well as CSV file import. It allows using powerful transformations with expressions, lookups, etc. and preserves source data relations in target.


Data export

Export data from various sources to CSV files with automatic file upload to FTP or file storages. Skyvia Export supports binary data export to archive with files, exporting data from multiple related tables, data filtering and more.


Data migration

Quickly migrate data from one cloud app to another with Skyvia Import or Synchronization. Use synchronization to keep systems in sync in both directions during transition period or use import for one time data loading in one direction.


Data replication

Easily replicate cloud data to a database with Skyvia replication. It can be configured in less that 2 minutes, does not require preparing schema in target, and can keep target database up-to-date with source.


Data Warehousing

Consolidate data from all your data sources in a cloud data warehouse. Skyvia uses warehouse-specific techniques to maximize performance and mitigate warehouse limitations on data modification.


Mass Updates

Import supports all DML operations, allowing easy mass data updates and deletes both from CSV or other source and by filter conditions and expressions to modify data by a specific criteria.

Loading SQL Server data to BigQuery for centralized data storage

Loading registered users from website MySQL database to HubSpot leads

Updating HubSpot Contacts when Mailchimp subscriber unsubscribes

Exporting data from Salesforce or Marketo to CSV to Dropbox

Loading leads from Dynamics 365 to a Mailchimp subscriber list and vice versa

Importing CSV files with Leads from external sources to Zoho CRM or Constant Contact

Migrating data from SugarCRM or Pipedrive if you decide to switch from them to alternative solutions

Replicating Salesforce or QuickBooks data to BigQuery for data analysis and centralized storage

Data Management

For data management we offer Skyvia Query - an online SQL client and visual query builder for cloud apps and databases

Query Data from Anywhere

Run visually built queries or SQL commands against your databases and cloud apps from anywhere.

Query Cloud Data like a Database

Use full power of SQL to query cloud data. Get results as a table in the browser or export them to CSV.

Automated Reports in Excel and Google Sheets

Query data directly from Excel and Google Sheets with Skyvia Query add-ins. Refresh results in a couple of clicks.

Real-time Data Access

Create OData and SQL web API endpoints for real-time access to your cloud and database data over the Internet

Gateway to On-premises Data

Provide read-write access to on-premises database servers over the Internet via web API. Our secure agent application allows connections even to databases with no direct Internet access and behind the firewall.

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Universal Providers

Use well-known interfaces to connect to SQL endpoints. Skyvia Connect has a universal ADO.NET provider and ODBC driver for its SQL API.

Learn More about SQL API

API Server with No Hassle

Create web API endpoints without coding and without the need to care about deployment, hosting, and maintenance. It takes less than 5 minutes!

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Data Backup

Even though most cloud software and services seem reliable and secure, Murphy's Law still applies. Why take the chance that any of your data can be changed, lost or destroyed?

Back up data to CSV

Export data to CSV files with Skyvia Export, and restore them with Skyvia Import. CSV files can be automatically uploaded to FTP or file storage service.

Back up Cloud Data to Your Database

Create a copy of cloud data in a database or cloud data warehouse with little to no efforts using Skyvia Replication. You can use Import for restoring data.

Use Dedicated Backup Tool

Use our dedicated Backup product to back up your data to secure Azure storage automatically every day or manually whenever you need.

Skyvia Backup offers you:

  • Easy configuration in a convenient wizard
  • View of backed up data in browser and export to CSV
  • Powerful search
  • Snapshot comparison and undo changes
  • Detailed log of backup and restore operations

Solve a wide range of data related tasks with our all-in-one cloud data platform!