SQL Web API as a Service

SQL Gateway for remote access to cloud and database data

SQL Access to Any Data over the Web

Get API for SQL execution over the web with Skyvia Connect SQL endpoints. Connect over HTTP and retrieve the returned data in JSON format. No coding, no need to care about hosting and maintenance.

SQL endpoints allow using SQL against both cloud and database data and remotely connecting to on-premises databases with little to no configuration.

How It Works



Create a connection to the data you want to publish


Configure Security

Create user accounts/limit access by IP



Set endpoint name and get ready-to-use endpoint URL

Supported Data Sources

Powerful SQL API

SQL endpoints provide easy-to-consume API that allow:

SQL Command Execution

Execute SQL commands with parameters against the data source

Fetching Data

Fetch returned data in pages in the JSON format

Querying Metadata

Obtain detailed information about data source objects and fields

Skyvia Connect Features:

Additional Security Layer
Detailed Logging

Skyvia SQL API Clients

We provide ready-to-use clients for SQL API:

ODBC Driver

Connect a wide variety of ODBC-compliant applications to any data via SQL endpoints.

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ADO.NET Provider

Create .NET software, working with endpoint data via the most well-known .NET interface.

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Looker Studio Connector

Analyze cloud and on-premises data in Looker Studio (formerly, Google Data Studio).

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