Cloud Data Import Tool

Data import
Load data from CSV files, databases, and cloud sources to other databases or cloud sources. Skyvia is a powerful tool for data import and migration.

With Skyvia you can:

Ready for Complex Import Scenarios

Multiple Import Tasks

Multiple Import Tasks

Skyvia allows performing several import tasks at once. You can import several files, database tables, or cloud CRM objects together as a single import operation.


You are not limited to the simple column-to-column mapping. Skyvia allows performing powerful mathematical and string operations over the source data.

Data Splitting

Data Splitting

Skyvia allows loading data from a single file, database table, or CRM object to several related cloud CRM objects or database tables (one-to-many). Skyvia builds the corresponding relations between the imported objects or records automatically.

Preserve Data Relations

When loading data to several related cloud CRM objects or database tables, the problem is to keep the relations between the source and target data. With our Skyvia all the relations between the imported files, tables, or objects will be preserved. You need just to specify the relations between the source files, tables, or objects.

How to Start

Help yourself to the free Skyvia Tutorials and learn how you can use Skyvia for a multitude of Data Import scenarios.

Importing Tables from SQL Azure

Describes how to import Product, Customer, Order, and Order Detail tables from SQL Azure to Salesforce. Demonstrates complex many-to-many import operation and how to preserve source data relations in target.

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Importing Contacts for Existing Accounts

Describes how to import a CSV file with Contacts for Accounts, already existing in the Salesforce database. Demonstrates different ways of specifying IDs of existing master Salesforce objects when importing child objects.

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Importing Products with Prices from Dropbox

Describes how to import a CSV file of products with their prices from Dropbox to the Salesforce Product2 and PricebookEntry objects. Demonstrates a one-to-many import operation (data splitting).

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Or read a detailed instruction on how to create an import package.

Predefined Templates Gallery

Integrate your cloud application quickly and easily using our predefined templates gallery. You can use predefined mapping templates to map data between different cloud data sources instead of mapping them manually. Configure your cloud data import operations with minimal effort and in only a few clicks!