Cloud Data Import Tool

Skyvia Import is a powerful wizard-based ETL tool for data import, migration, and continuous data integration. Transfer data between different sources visually with no coding.

Import CSV files to cloud apps and databases.
Perform mass data update/delete operations or use upsert for import with no duplicates.
Transfer data between cloud apps and/or databases directly.

Import Any Data to Any Destination


Import CSV Files

Import CSV files locally or from file storage services, FTP or SFTP. The CSV options provide flexibility to import different CSV-like flat file formats in different languages/encodings.


Import Cloud or Database Data

Import cloud or database data directly to other sources easily. You may even transfer data between different instances of the same app or database. Join related tables, use powerful filtering to import only records matching some criteria.

Key Features

All Operations Support

Skyvia can not only create new records, but also update existing records or delete source records from target. It also supports the upsert operation, which allows import without creating duplicates.

Preserve Data Relations

With Skyvia all the relations between the imported files, tables, or objects will be preserved. You need just to specify these relations between the source files, tables, or objects.

Powerful Data Transformations

Skyvia offers powerful mapping features for data transformations, which allow importing data easily even when source and target have a different structure. You can perform data splitting, use complex expressions and formulas, lookups, etc.

One-Way Sync of Data Changes

Skyvia Import can optionally load only new and modified data. This, together with powerful data filtering and upsert support allows you to easily configure import to perform one-way synchronization of changes between data sources.

All kinds of data integration support:

Automation by Schedule
Detailed Logging
Email Notifications

Skyvia’s Data Integration also allows:

  • Export cloud and database data to CSV
  • Replicate cloud data to databases
  • Sync cloud/database data in both directions

How It Works



Create a connection to your cloud app or database to import data from.



Create an import package and add tasks to it.



Schedule your package for automatic execution.


Read our tutorials to learn how to use Skyvia for numerous Data Import scenarios.

How to Import Tables from SQL Azure

Describes how to import Product, Customer, Order, and Order Detail tables from SQL Azure to Salesforce. This tutorial demonstrates a complex many-to-many import operation and how to preserve source data relations in target.

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How to Import Products with Prices from Dropbox

Describes how to import a CSV file with product prices from Dropbox to the Salesforce Product2 and PricebookEntry objects. This tutorial demonstrates a one-to-many import operation (data splitting).

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How to Import Contacts for Existing Accounts

describes how to import a file with Contacts for Accounts, already existing in the Salesforce database. Demonstrates different ways of specifying IDs of existing master Salesforce objects when importing child objects.

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Configure your cloud data import operations with minimal effort and in only a few clicks!