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Create OData and SQL endpoints for your data in less than 5 minutes with no coding, in convenient wizards. Obtain ready-to-use endpoint URLs with no need to care about hosting, maintenance and administration. Get built-in security layer and advanced access logging with no effort.

Get Ready-to-use OData API in 5 Minutes

Build API Easier with Skyvia Connect

Building API Manually
Develop service
Care about security
Find hosting
Register domain
Obtain certificate
Administer and Maintain
Using Skyvia Connect
Visual design via drag‑n‑drop
Get ready-to-use and deployed OData endpoints
That’s all. We have already taken care about everything else...

Supported APIs

Skyvia Connect supports the open standard OData protocol and custom web SQL API for the endpoints.

SQL Endpoints

Create SQL endpoints that offer API for remote SQL command execution over the web. This web API allows sending SQL commands and their parameters over HTTP, obtaining the returned data in JSON format, querying the data source information and metadata.

You can either create your own clients for our easy-to-consume SQL API, or download our client libraries with widely used interfaces - ADO.NET provider and ODBC driver for Skyvia Connect.

More about SQL Endpoints

OData Endpoints

Create OData endpoints, either simply by selecting source tables to publish, or by advanced configuration of entities and their relations on the diagram. Customize OData entity and property naming, entity keys, and associations between them if needed.

Skyvia Connect endpoints offer both read and write data access. Support for various OData query features and all OData versions ensures high compatibility with various OData consumer applications.

More about OData Endpoints

How It Works

Get web API endpoints for your data in less than 2 minutes

Step 1

Create a connection to the data you want to publish

Step 2

Configure endpoint and set up security settings

Step 3

Set endpoint name and get ready-to-use endpoint URL


Wide Connector Choice

Connect to different data sources, including various cloud applications, databases, and cloud data warehouses.

Uniform Access to Cloud Data

Work with data of different cloud applications with different API in a uniform way via the same APIs.

Easy Access to On-Premise Data

Connect to local data sources without re-configuring firewall, port-forwarding and other network settings via secure Agent application.

Additional Security Layer

Skyvia Connect offers an additional security layer for endpoints via basic HTTP authentication and restricting access by IP addresses. You can create user accounts with passwords for them, and you don’t need to provide your data source credentials when publishing data.

Detailed Logging

All the endpoint requests are logged on Skyvia, so you can easily analyze query execution performance, error messages, traffic spent, etc. You can view log for a period you need, easily narrow down the period, filter requests by status or view details of each separate request.

Use Cases

Salesforce Connect

Link data from any data source to Salesforce via OData using Salesforce Connect, and work with them in Salesforce like with usual Salesforce objects.

Web/Mobile Apps

Make any data easily available for web and mobile applications. See our tutorial on how to build such apps, consuming data via OData.


Microsoft Excel supports OData protocol, so Skyvia Connect enables you to quickly and easily get data from any data source supported to an Excel worksheet.