Share your data via OData REST API

Connect data consumers to various data sources via the cloud

OData API Layer for Your Cloud or Database Data

Instantly get OData REST API layer for your data with Skyvia Connect OData endpoints. Make your cloud and on-premises data available for a wide variety of OData consumer applications with no coding.

How It Works



Create a connection to the data you want to publish



Add tables to publish via drag-n-drop. Customize relations, hide fields you don’t want to publish.



Configure IP and access settings and publish your data easily and safely.



Be aware about all the access events for your endpoint with our advanced interactive log.

Supported Data Sources

Highly Configurable OData Endpoints

All Configuration is Done Visually

OData Associations Support

Skyvia Connect can automatically generate OData associations based on source data relations/foreign keys, and you can edit them or add custom associations, if needed.

Customizable Entity Keys

You can easily define your own entity key, instead of the generated one, or specify an entity key for entity, generated from a database view.

Customizable Naming

Skyvia allows renaming entities, entity sets, properties and navigation properties.

Partial data sharing

Publish only data you want to publish, and exclude source columns you want to hide.

OData Protocol Support

Skyvia allows you to easily expose your SQL Server data via OData — RESTful API for data access and manipulation. OData is a widely accepted open standard for data access over the Internet.

  • Support for all OData versions
  • Writable OData endpoints
  • Support for ATOM and JSON format for returned data

Skyvia Connect Features

Additional Security Layer
Detailed Logging

Use Cases

Salesforce Connect

Link data from any data source to Salesforce via OData using Salesforce Connect, and work with them in Salesforce like with usual Salesforce objects.

Web/Mobile Apps

Make any data easily available for web and mobile applications. See our tutorial on how to build such apps, consuming data via OData.


Microsoft Excel supports OData protocol, so Skyvia Connect enables you to quickly and easily get data from any data source supported to an Excel worksheet.