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Publish any data via OData service easily or connect to other OData sources

Enjoy Benefits of Support for OData Open Standard

OData is a widely accepted open standard for data access over the Internet. It can be used for exposing any kind of data and is supported in a number of data-related applications and technologies.

Skyvia offers full support for OData. It allows both publishing cloud and database data as OData endpoints and integrating data of other OData sources with supported databases and cloud apps.

Publish Data via OData

Skyvia Connect allows you to publish any data as OData endpoints. Make your cloud and on-premises data available for a wide variety of OData consumer applications, like Excel or Salesforce Connect with no coding.

Skyvia Connect allows you to either create simple endpoints in just a few clicks or configure them deeper — customize OData entity and property naming, entity keys, and associations between them.

Skyvia Connect endpoints offer both read and write data access. Support for various OData query features and all OData versions ensures high compatibility with various OData consumer applications.

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Supported Data Sources

OData Consuming

Manage and query data from OData feeds, integrate them with other data sources

Integrate OData Sources with Databases and Cloud Apps

Integrate OData with cloud applications and relational databases that don't support OData via Skyvia Data Integration. Import OData entities directly to/from major cloud and on-premise data sources or vice versa. Easily copy data from OData sources to relational databases - both cloud and on-premises.

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Query OData Sources with SQL

Skyvia Query allows querying OData sources with visual query builder or SQL language. You can view results in the browser or export them to CSV. You can even manage data in read/write OData sources with SQL DML statements!

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Publish your data via OData or integrate OData sources with databases and cloud apps with no effort!