Get a RESTful OData API server for your Shopify data and make it available to clients in just a few minutes with Skyvia!

Expose Shopify Data via OData

Skyvia allows you to easily expose your Shopify data via OData - RESTful API for data access and manipulation.

While Shopify provides its own web API for data access, using a widely accepted OData standard for data access over the Internet is preferred in many cases. OData is supported in a number of data-related applications and technologies, and thus it's a lot of easier to consume your real-time Shopify data or integrate them with other applications via the OData interface.

With Skyvia Connect you can make your Shopify data available in BI tools, web and mobile applications, integration interfaces, like Salesforce Connect, office suites, and other tools.

Get Universal Interface for Any Data Source

With Skyvia Connect you can access all your data in a uniform way, regardless of where they are actually stored. Having a universal and standartized OData interface for all the data makes data integration, processing, and analysis much easier, thus making your business more sustainable and efficient.

Share Data Easily and Securely

If you need to provide access to your Shopify data to your colleagues, clients, or other people, Skyvia Connect can offer several advantages.

Access to Live Data

Skyvia Connect provides bi-directional access to live Shopify data in real time, so that your colleagues can always get the current state of your data.

Data Can Be Shared Partially

You can expose only the Shopify tables and columns you need to share. Other tables and columns remain unavailable via OData API and cannot be seen or modified by the users you shared data with.

Additional Security Layer

Skyvia adds its own security layer over Shopify. You don't need to give your Shopify credentials to people you want to share data with. You can create users and define passwords on the Skyvia side, and then give these credentials with the link.

Additionally you can limit IP addresses and ranges, from which your data are available.

Detailed Logging

Skyvia allows you to monitor access to your Shopify data via Connect in details. It logs all connections to your Connect OData services with user accounts that connected from which IP addresses, all their requests and queries. Whenever necessary you can monitor which users access your data and what they do with them.

How It Works

1. Connect

Create a connection to your Shopify.

2. Configure Endpoint

Select entities and fields to expose in convenient GUI. If necessary, create user accounts and specify IPs to allow access from.

3. Share the Link

Simply copy the result HTTPS link to your endpoint and share it with clients or paste to your OData consumer applications.