Access On-premise Data via Internet

Skyvia Agent Application to Easily Connect to On-Premise Data

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Easily Access On-Premises Data Behind the Firewall

Connecting to on-premise data behind a firewall becomes easy with Skyvia agent application. You can install and configure agent in just under 5 minutes and securely connect Skyvia to your on-premise data.

Skyvia agent connects to Skyvia from your computer over HTTPS protocol and awaits signals from Skyvia. When your integrations or queries or etc., which work with local data, run, Skyvia sends the corresponding requests to the agent, and it connects to your local data. It loads all the necessary data from your data source and sends it to Skyvia over HTTPS, in a securely encrypted form, or vice versa - writes data, sent from Skyvia, to local data sources.

Agent Benefits

No Configuration Required

No need for static IP for local databases


No need for firewall configuration in most cases


All the data is securely encrypted in transit

How to Use Agent

To use Skyvia agent, you need to do the following:


Download and install the Agent application.


Create an Agent object on Skyvia and download a key file from it.


Place the key file to the folder where Agent is installed and run the Agent application.

Advanced Access Control

Limit access to your local resources

If you are worried that your local network resources can be freely accessed from outside of the network via Agent, you may add a configuration file with allowed connections and their aliases. This improves the security in two ways:

  • The agent is restricted to only the listed connections. It won't connect to anything else.
  • All the connection credentials are stored only in this configuration file and are never sent outside. You specify only the alias on Skyvia.

Optimizied Perfomance

Optimized protocol for data access over the large distances can provide significantly better performance of data integration packages. In our tests, replication to MySQL went almost two times faster! Agent protocol uses high-level operations – it exchanges data with Skyvia in large compressed batches, reducing the number of roundtrips between Skyvia and Agent application. Note that performance gain depends on the database location and other factors.

Skyvia Agent for Windows

Windows 7 or later

Skyvia Agent for Linux

Ubuntu, Debian, etc.

Coming soon

Skyvia Agent for macOS

Coming soon