SugarCRM Backup and Restore

Why Backup SugarCRM?

While SaaS companies, like SugarCRM, care about users' data safety, data in cloud-based applications can still be lost because of various reasons. An employee may accidentally delete important data or overwrite them. Data can be lost because of someone's malicious activity or simply because of a cancelled account subscription. Thus, backing up important cloud data is as essential for business as backing up on-premises data, and Skyvia is a perfect tool to back up your SugarCRM data.

Reliable SugarCRM Backup

Secure backup to Microsoft Azure Cloud Storage

Skyvia is a cloud-to-cloud backup solution for your SugarCRM data that allows you to configure your SugarCRM backup in just a couple of minutes and does not require anything except a web browser.

With Skyvia your SugarCRM data are automatically backed up on daily basis, and you don't need to worry about their safety any more. Skyvia stores your SugarCRM backups in a secure Azure storage in an encrypted form, and only you have access to these data. In case of any data loss, you can recover your data from backup in minutes or download them as CSV files. In addition to daily backup, you can start a manual backup at any time.

Easy SugarCRM Restore

Skyvia Backup allows you to recover your SugarCRM Leads, Contacts, Opportunities, Tasks, etc. quickly and easily, right from your web browser, and without the need of any third-party tools. To restore data from backup, all you need to do is to select the records or whole objects to restore, and click the Restore button. Any restore scenario can be done in just a few clicks:

  • Restore of a deleted record or several related records
  • Restore of all the data in a specific object or all the SugarCRM to a previous state
  • Restore previous values of certain record fields
  • Undo undesired data changes after incorrect bulk operation
  • Restore data of one SugarCRM user account into another account.

Key Features

Fast and Powerful Search in Backed Up Data

Advanced Backup Search

Skyvia offers powerful search functionality that allows you to quickly find the necessary data in your backups. You can quickly find the necessary record, and then navigate to its older and newer versions till you find the version that you need.

Analyzing and Undoing Data Changes

Monitoring/Undoing Changes

Skyvia allows you to monitor and control how the data in your SugarCRM is changed. For each snapshot you can immediately see the number of records, changed since the previous one. If necessary, you can quickly find and view data changes in detail and then isolate and undo undesired changes.

Easy Navigation through Backed Up Data

Easy Data Navigation

When viewing data in the browser, you can easily navigate to the data in older and newer snapshots. For each record, you can see its related records and navigate up and down the hierarchy. This allows you to quickly select and restore all the related records together.

Advanced Features

Skyvia is an integrated universal platform for working with data in various ways. If simple viewing backed up data in browser and exporting to CSV is not enough for you, you can use other Skyvia products with your backed up data.

Load Backed Up Data to Various Sources

Applying Skyvia's data integration tools to the backed up data enables you to perform advanced export with data filtering and joining related data. You can also load backed up data directly to a wide number of supported data sources or perform your own custom, deeply configured, restore operations when standard Skyvia restore is not enough.

Query and Visualize Backed Up Data

Query provides such advanced data access features as complex joins, filters, aggregations, grouping, etc., and ability to use SQL against backed up data provides even more advanced functionality. With Skyvia Backup and Query united, you will be able to query and visualize backed up data from the past and compare it with current data to get better understanding of your business evolution.

Share Backed Up Data via OData Interface

Skyvia Connect can make your backed up SugarCRM data available via OData protocol, allowing you to use a number of various data-oriented applications with your backed up data, and use them in web and mobile applications.