Data Integration

Integrate Data from Various Sources and Applications with Ease

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Integrate Data from Various Sources and Applications with Ease

Wizard-based integration with no effort, no coding, and no need for special knowledge, performed completely in a cloud.

How It Works

Integration with Skyvia is as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1

You configure your data integration operation in convenient GUI wizards and editors.

Step 2

Operation is executed in a cloud automatically on schedule or manually at any time.

Step 3

You can view the integration operation results for each execution in the Run History.

See Our Data Integration in Action

Overview video of Skyvia Data Integration main features, including the creation of data import, export, synchronization and replication packages.

Data Integration Services

Choose a tool that is right for your scenario.

Data Import

Data Import

Automate data imports to cloud sources and relational databases with Skyvia! Skyvia can import data from CSV Files, database tables or other cloud sources.

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Data Export

Data Export

Skyvia is the simplest solution to export your database or cloud data to a CSV file. The file can be downloaded on your computer or placed to some file storage.

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Data Replication

Data Replication

Skyvia offers powerful online tools for creating a copy of cloud application data into a relational database and maintaining this copy in an up-to-date state when necessary.

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Data Synchronization

Data Synchronization

With Skyvia you can easily synchronize your data between cloud sources and relational databases in both directions. Keep data from different sources and platforms in sync!

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Supported Data Sources

Skyvia can integrate various cloud applications, CRMs, etc., databases, and data warehouses.

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Sample Use Cases

Choose a tool that is right for your scenario.

Cloud-to-cloud Integration

With a number of predefined settings and mapping templates, Skyvia allows setting up cloud-to-cloud integration in less than one minute.

Integrating On-premise and Cloud Data

In addition to cloud data, Skyvia supports relational databases for data integration.

Data Archiving

Old data that is no longer subject to change can be moved to an on-premise database or cloud data warehouse with Skyvia to free space for actual data.

Integration via CSV Files

Skyvia can import data from CSV files from different file storages and export data to CSV files.

Backup Data to File Storage

Skyvia allows scheduling periodical export of data to CSV files stored on different file storages, which can be used as a simple backup solution. 

Better Reporting / Analysis Tools for Your Cloud Data

Copy cloud data to a database and enjoy feature-rich data analysis and reporting tools, available for relational databases.

Keeping data in sync

Configure bi-directional synchronization between cloud applications and/or databases and have their data in sync.

Data Migration

With Skyvia you can quickly migrate your data between cloud CRMs using predefined mapping templates

Cost Effective Pricing

Skyvia Data Integration pricing is based on the number of records you load per month and how often you need to run your integrations automatically.

Skyvia has a free plan that allows loading up to 5k records per month between data sources directly and 100k records for importing/exporting CSV files. It allows you scheduling up to two data integration operations to run automatically up to once per day. You can see other plans on our Pricing page.

Free Plan

5 k records per month

+100 k CSV import/export

Schedule once a day

2 scheduled packages

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Paid Plans

Records per month

Schedule once a min.

Unlimited scheduled packages

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