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No-code cloud service for SQL Server integration. Perform ETL/ELT and Reverse ETL, build data pipelines, share data via REST API, etc.

SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is a famous relational database management system developed by Microsoft.

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SQL Server ETL and Data Sync

Skyvia is a universal cloud data platform with support of multiple SQL Server integration scenarios. It allows users to sync SQL Server data with other data sources in one-way or bidirectionally, design advanced data pipelines working with multiple sources, etc.

Connect SQL Server data (including data) to all major cloud app and on-premise databases to automate data movement in any direction.

The list of Skyvia's ETL integration tools for SQL Server includes:


An easy to use ETL (Extract Transform Load) tool with advanced data mapping features that allows both bulk loading history data and syncing only new and updated records in any direction.

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Data Flow

A data pipeline designer that allows you to join data from multiple sources via lookup, perform complex multistage transformations, and load data into multiple destinations at once.

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Control Flow

A data integration orchestration solution for running multiple integrations in sequence or in parallel with error processing and execution logic.

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A bi-directional synchronization tool for syncing SQL Server and other cloud apps and databases.

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With Skyvia you can perform SQL Server integration with

Replicate Cloud Data to SQL Server

Replicate cloud data to SQL Server with Skyvia and maintain SQL Server database in an actual state. Combine raw data from different cloud apps in SQL Server database and turn it into your single source of truth for further analysis and reporting using BI tools or Python scripts.

Skyvia Replication is an easy-to-use ELT tool that helps you configure data ingestion from SQL Server and other apps in just a few clicks. It can automatically create schema for your cloud data and even update it when new fields are added to replicated objects.

Connect Skyvia to your data sources, configure data pipelines once, and you'll always have fresh cloud data in your SQL Server database.

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SQL Server Data Loading

Import and export CSV files to/from SQL Server in a convenient web-based user interface. You can both upload files manually or use different file storage services and FTP/SFTP. The latter allow you to automate data loading via schedule and file masks.

Skyvia Import tool has powerful data mapping settings that allow you to map fields using expressions, constants, source columns, lookups, etc. Export tool allows you to load data both from a single SQL Server object and results of a custom SQL query.

SQL Server Workflow Automation

Automate workflows and common data related tasks with Skyvia Automation. Connect SQL Server and other cloud apps and databases and perform actions, either on schedule or whenever new data appears or gets updated (via trigger-based approach). Make your apps work in sync without manual data re-entry!

SQL Server Data Management

Use Skyvia Query tool to query your SQL Server data from anywhere whenever you need. Skyvia provides an online SQL editor with visual query builder for SQL Server that allows you to execute SQL statements against SQL Server from your web browser and view and export returned data.

Skyvia Query also includes Google Sheets Add-on and Excel Add-in that allow SQL Server export to Excel and Google Sheets with data refresh in one click.

Sharing Data via API

Skyvia Connect allows you to generate web API layer for your data with no effort. It allows you to publish SQL Server data via SQL API and OData REST API endpoints. In just a few clicks you get a ready-to-use endpoint links that can be used to connect Salesforce to multiple tools and data-oriented applications in real-time.

You can configure sharing to publish all or only a part of SQL Server tables and columns, manage data access via endpoint-specific user accounts, limit access by IP address ranges, and perform detailed logging of all data access operations.

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A data platform with a wide choice of tools and flexible pricing that has a solution for nearly any data integration scenario.


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Access Skyvia from anywhere, only web browser required. No local installations and up-front investments.

Flexible Pricing

Skyvia pricing depends on the features you need and data volumes you load. Companies of any size can find a suitable plan.

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