Get Full Control over Your Business Data

Access Any Data with Ease

One tool for secure access to your business data stored in different data sources. Powerful, simple and efficient solution for data management that does not require programming knowledge.

Visualise Data to Get Insights

View your data in a grid or as visual charts in your browser or export it for further analysis. Create data reports faster with Skyvia Query and make data-driven decisions easier.

Manage Data from Anywhere

Manage your data from any device without the need to install any software locally. With only browser you get control over your data from anywhere whenever necessary.

Universal Online Query Tool for Various Sources

Universal Online SQL Query Tool for Various Sources

Manage and query all of your data in one place and with the most convenient and easy-to-use tools all in one place! Skyvia Query allows you to use SQL in order to query data of various cloud applications and databases. It allows you even to execute SQL against data sources, which don't support SQL natively - Salesforce, Dynamics CRM, SugarCRM, Zoho CRM, QuickBooks, etc. You can use various SQL features - complex joins, WHERE conditions, aggregations, etc.

Skyvia supports DML statements to modify data for cloud data sources too. This makes Skyvia Query a perfect tool to perform mass data update operations on cloud data sources, since you can easily update or delete multiple records with a single update or delete statement.

Create Queries Easily

Want to query your data but don't know SQL? Our powerful Query Builder tool can help you to build even complex queries visually via drag-and-drop without typing a line of code. It allows you to focus on data you want to get, automating the query generation. Whenever necessary, you can switch to SQL editor and tweak the generated SQL code if needed.

Key Features

  • Type-specific functions
  • One-click aggregations
  • Typed filters
  • Automatic joins and grouping

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Rich Data Visualization

Arrange your data in the most informative way and simplify your decision-making process easily! Skyvia Query can help you to visualize your CRM or marketing data and analyse your ROI, KPI, and other indices quickly.

Skyvia Query allows you to view the returned data right in your browser. You can view them in a grid or build charts based on these data. The charts can help you to discover trends, analyse tendencies, and get insights on your data.

With a number of supported chart types you can easily visualize your data in a way that perfectly suits your purpose.

Export Data in Different Formats

Whenever necessary you can export your data to a CSV file to add it to your report or use in on-premise data analysis tools. Our online SQL editor also allows exporting charts to images or PDF files, and you can immediately add them to your reports.

Data export from Salesforce, Dynamics CRM, SugarCRM, Zoho CRM, QuickBooks, etc. for data reports

Your own Library of Common and Useful Queries

Query gallery

When you design a complex and especially useful SQL query, which you will probably reuse, you can save it for future use in the Skyvia Query Gallery. data related tasks (such as weekly or monthly reports, etc.) you can design all of the appropriate queries at once. You can then open them, edit them, or get all of the information and plots you need - when you need it!

If you have a large collection of queries, Skyvia offers a number of features to help you quickly find your queries:

  • Grouping queries by data source
  • Grouping queries by connection
  • User-defined folders to store queries
  • Fast search by query name

Automate your reports or other data-related tasks with Skyvia Query. Create your own collection of useful queries and don't waste time on routine tasks!

Useful Predefined Queries

Skyvia also provides a number of predefined public queries for common use cases. They may well be useful for you or give insights on how to create your own queries.

Google Sheets Add-on

Skyvia Query Google Sheets Add-on

Install Skyvia Query Google Sheets Add-on and query data directly to Google Sheets! Use Query Builder or SQL to query data without leaving Google Sheets.

  • Create reports on cloud and database data in Google Sheets
  • Refresh data in Google Sheets from the data source in one click
  • Share your cloud and database data securely via Google Docs

Note that you need a Skyvia account to use Skyvia Query Google Sheets Add-on.

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